Do you offer ratings or reviews?

Currently we don’t sell ratings and reviews, however since we work only with real users then you will receive some ratings and/or reviews for free.

My order is finished but the installs don’t appear in my developer console.

No panic, it’s a well known “issue” with Google updating the statistics. Usually it takes 24-72 hours after the orders has finished for Google to update your developer console with the correct information about installs count. We guarantee the installs will reflect in your developer console, otherwise we will issue a full refund.

How many installs can you provide?

Well, it depends on your expectations about delivery time. We can deliver 20,000 installs in the first 24 hours. For 50,000 installs it will take 3-5 days. For 100,000 installs it will take  up to 10 days. For bigger amounts please contact us to discuss.

What is the source of installs?

We have a network of rewarding apps that are published on Play Store. The users are getting rewarded with in-app currency for trying out new apps and games. This is called incentivized traffic and the main advantage of it is it’s affordable price for any developer. Why spend $1000 to get 1000 users on a regular CPM campaign when you can get many more users for the same amount of money?!

Are you using bots and emulators?

NO! At no moment will use bots and/or emulators to complete your order. We care about our reputation and we work only with real users with real devices. Our anti-fraud system is one of the highest in the industry so you can be fully sure that your app is in fully safe hands! Real users, Real devices, Real results!

Who is is a team of professional app developers and marketers who have over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry. We helped thousands of apps to get more organic users and drive more traffic, which means more revenue. We work with several big resellers, so even if you buy from elsewhere then most likely your order will get completed by our team. So why pay more when you finally can buy app installs directly from the main provider?!