Backlink Building for Apps

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Backlink building is a great way to increase organic traffic for applications. Most developers don’t even think that backlinks would have any effect on app rankings. It’s true that even without backlinks, you can get the best ranking in the Google or App store, but not everyone searches for apps this way.

The app may be in the first in the ranking position with a particular keyword, but Google and other web search engines may not show the app in the results. Therefore, for more application installations, it is necessary for the application to rank as high as possible in the results of Internet search engines.

Quality Backlink

A quality backlink can be worth more than a hundred weak backlinks. However, search engines also take into account the amount of links, so it is advisable to use weaker backlinks as well. Both follow and nofollow backlinks are required, which can be obtained for a fee from either fiverr or anytask. The quality of the backlink is determined by several factors, such as Page Rank and Page Authority.

SPAM Score

Each website has a SPAM score that can be checked by several online tools. Only backlinks with a low SPAM score should be used, otherwise it will only hurt. For example, you can view this value on moz.com.

Anchor Text

This method allows you to rank higher with a particular keyword. Anchor text is the text of the backlink, which increase the ranking in the search results. This is where the desired keyword should be placed, which can be made more effective if the text is highlighted in italics and bold text style.

Permanent Backlinks

There are many services that sell good quality backlinks relatively cheap, but after a while the backlinks disappear. While such a service may bring in some traffic, it is not worth paying too much for it. In the long run, permanent backlink building are definitely a good decision, even if it costs a lot.


It does matter if the backlink is just a few words or part of an article with hundreds of words. Search engines take into account the context of the backlink. So it is better to place the application link into articles. If a page contains only links, you may get a higher SPAM score. So such as backlinks would do more harm than good. The article should be unique and free of grammatical errors, as Google and other search engines are smart enough to detect manipulation in the content.

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