How to Increase your App User’s Happiness

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The application market may be tough and demanding that’s for sure. One of the most important things that you must to bear in mind is the happiness of your application’ users. Whether if your users are satisfied with your application or not, both scenarios will affect the success of your application.

It’s simple, if users are happy they will continue to use your applications. By the other hand, if they are not happy with something (or everything) they will leave and use another one.

Do you want to increase happiness and hence profits? Let’s explain how…

Create a smooth experience

Ads, notifications, errors and windows popping up can ruin immediately the acceptance of any user towards an app. Try to make the experience a smoother as possible, don’t spam users and don’t affect negatively their experiences.

To put into perspective: Imagine that you’ve downloaded a new applications. Suddenly, it starts to spamming you and giving you a bad experience. What do you’d do? I’m 99,8% that you’ll quit it.

If you give the smoother experience as possible, the user will be happy because no one want to be spammed or annoyed by errors of notifications.


An application involves a community, the community of people which are using it. For that reason, we must engage that community as often as we can. People love to feel part of something and if you leave them be part of your community they will never quit.

Use where your audience lives, what do they do in their spare time, their feeling and everything you must know about them to keep them engage with your application.

Receive feedbacks and give them what they want

Clients rules, and applications users are not that different. The feedbacks that you might be able to get from users is resourceful and valuable information to keep them happy and using your application. If you’re not listen and approaching their feedbacks, they more likely to quit because they don’t feel understood.

If users are asking you for something they’ll like to see, experiment or have, make their desires come true. At the end, they will appreciate the changes and will never quit your application.


There is no more efficient way to keep your users happy than by giving them promotion and offers. These don’t only increase happiness among users, also it creates an effective buzz to promote your application to wider audiences.

In addition, you’ll increase sales which is not the same than increasing profits directly. However, people will love to feel that they are buying something under a promo or offer label.


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