How to Get More Installs Towards your App

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First off, there is a clear differentiation between promoting an application and attracting people towards it. Promoting involves an approach demanding strong marketing skills, but attracting involves more than that.

The psychology, personalities, and tastes have a special role when it comes to attracting people, but here you’ll find helpful information to attract more people to your brand-new app:

Offer a limited free version

This is a fantastic idea to attract more people towards your application because they will have a free piece of the cake. People will try your free version and they’ll feel curious and willing to spend some extra money to buy the premium version.

It’s a trick used by companies all around the world, offer a bite, people end up wanting more and then, companies start making profits.

Use social media at your side

Social media give us so many advantages in our daily basis, applications can take advantage of it as well. By integrating social media and allowing users to share their experiences with their contacts increases the satisfaction and therefore increases downloads.

In addition, besides satisfaction, people will promote your application for free and luckily it will increase your audience drastically.

Participate in forums concerning your niche

It’s really important to promote your app and attract people using a targeted audience. A targeted audience allows you to explore communities and content visited by that audience. This practice will attract people because you’re directly in their world.

An example of this: Let’s say that you have an application regarding the music world, obvious places to attract people is in a music community, right?

Approach feedbacks

On the internet, you can find tons of trolls everywhere, but your true followers, fans, and customers will give you positive reviews to growing. Encouraging and socializing with people through social media platforms may help to build a strong community supporting you.

Remember that your users’ rules, if they don’t like something, they will leave and replace you in a blink. Follow their feelings, approach their needs and you’ll be leaving a strong bond between them and you.

Contribute to others

Competence is the number one enemy, however, it must a respectable and serious competence. When you help others you get experience, an idea about the competence’s audience and credibility among its community.

After taken the big seat and collaborate with them, you can easily turn that audience that has heard about you into users of your own application.

General rule

Of course, a general rule that you must to practice in your daily basic is constancy. If you don’t repeat these processes regularly, the results will differ from the planned ones.

Remember, people loves to be part of something and if you cannot bring them that attention, they will bounce to another app.

A perfect ally

RankApp is a reliable company committed to the wellness and succeeds of your application. Blending a professional and experienced team along with cutting-edge techniques, attracting new people and promoting your application becomes easier.

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